Announcing The GET READY! Financial Preparedness Group:

I’ve created a new Facebook Group “GET READY! The Financial Preparedness Group”.  Life is uncertain, and things happen.  This group is about being financially prepared and how you can maintain a financial first aid kit.  This is the kind of group, you’ll want to be part of before an emergency happens. Whether you want to share your best tips and ideas on financial preparedness or learn from others, all are welcome.  

I hope that all members will be empowered to take charge of all the aspects of their financial life, making it a lifesaver, no matter your age or personal circumstance.  Look forward to connecting with you in the GET READY! group. 

GET READY! Be financially prepared!

  • Learn how to GET READY with risk protection for your financial life
  • Stay READY by maintaining your financial first aid kit
  • Keep up with the latest news on financial preparedness
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