Get Ready with Barry Flagg: Applying Prudent Investor Principles to Insurance Policy Reviews

“Inspect what you expect. If you’re a business owner or you’re a manager and you have employees, if you expect them to do something or perform in a certain way, you’ve got to observe it. It’s the same thing for your financial future whether it’s your 401(k) or your life insurance policy, if you’re not … Read more

FemFounder Author Interview

Kristin Marquet, of Femfounder recently interviewed me for their author interview series. If you’d like to learn more about my story and philosophy, please read on:  “People are interested in products and services when they feel a positive attitude,” with Tony Steuer Tony’s books, including GET READY!, Insurance Made Easy and Questions and Answers on Life Insurance … Read more

Is the Insurance Industry Responsible for Covid-19?

Covid-19 has changed so much in our lives. The repercussions will be felt for years with some permanent changes.  Since the pandemic began, there has been much debate over the role of insurance companies. The issue is whether they should pay claims related to Covid-19, even when these events were not covered.  Earlier this month, … Read more

Does Your Insurance Match Your Risks?

Compare your insurance coverage to your potential risks is the next step in reviewing your insurance policies. The goal is to determine if your insurance coverage still fits your needs. You may find that you have insurance coverage that is no longer needed or can be reduced. You’ll also be able to see if there … Read more

Get Ready with Peter Kwadwo Asare Nyarko: Global Financial Literacy for Children

“You have to decide to make a conscious and intentional effort to obtain financial independence and once you do that, get all the resources that you can and you will be ready for any financial crisis.” – Peter Kwadwo Asare Nyarko.  In this episode of GET READY!, I spoke with Peter Kwadwo Asare Nyarko, the … Read more

Get Ready with Daniel Lee: Have An Investment Plan

“Have a plan. Have goals. But, don’t just have goals and a plan, have a system that works for you. That might be creating an investment plan to begin with and following that investment plan. It might be automating your investments somehow through a robo-advisor, that might require you to hire an advisor. I think … Read more

Get Ready: Be Prepared: Special Pricing Digital Editions

Tornados, derechos, wildfires, flooding, heat waves and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic have made August 2020 into a devastating month. Thousands of Californians have evacuated their homes or are under evacuation orders, many Iowa residents have not had power for a week and more people have been impacted in so many ways. And, if someone is … Read more