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New Year, New Financial You: Promotional Pricing On All E-Books

2020 is a reminder of the importance of financial preparedness. To promote financial financial preparedness, you can find all of my books in e-book version for $0.99 on Amazon or my website (Get Ready Planner: $2.99).  Please share. And if you’re an author, join me in promoting financial literacy! This special pricing will be available … Read more

Get Ready with Dana Mantilia: Protecting Your Identity

“We need to stop over sharing on social media. Every time we’re sharing something, it’s a piece of your personal information.” – Dana Mantilia In this episode of Get Ready, I spoke with Dana Mantilia, the founder of Identity Protection Planning about the importance of protecting your identity. Dana shared about how people can identify … Read more

Females and Finance: Meet the Author: Judy Hoberman

Females and Finance has invited me to host their Meet the Author Series.  Judy Hoberman joined me for the most recent edition. Judy is an author, keynote speakers, executive coach and founder of the Glass Floor Foundation.   In this episode, I spoke with Judy about her latest  book “Walking on the Glass Floor” and … Read more

Get Ready With Laura Adams: The Money Girl Philosophy

“Be curious. When you have questions, pursue those , ask the question, find out the answer, many people wonder , should I do this, should I do that. However, they don’t really look for solutions. So I’d say just being curious is the best tip for financial literacy.” – Laura Adams In this episode of … Read more

The Financial Confidence Podcast Appearance

This month, I joined Lynn Demmons on the Financial Confidence Podcast to discuss Get Ready and how to be financially prepared. We also covered: My relationship with money growing up. My first job and what I did with my first paycheck. How I got started in personal finance and insurance.  You can listen to my … Read more

Best Senior Life Insurance Companies

In my latest column for Forbes Advisor, I cover when are you too old to buy life insurance, what to look for in a life insurance policy, special considerations and how to find the best senior life insurance. This includes an evaluation of life insurance companies offering cash value life insurance that’s popular among seniors. … Read more

The Get Ready Monthly Personal Finance Guidebook Give-Away:

Enter to win a copy of my new book “The Get Ready Monthly Personal Finance Guidebook” on Goodreads (enter the contest here). You can also find “The Get Ready Monthly Personal Finance Guidebook” on Amazon (here).  I am pleased to announce that my new book The Get Ready Monthly Personal Finance Guidebook is now available: … Read more

Get Ready with Maxwell Schmitz: Financial Literacy and Disability Insurance

“The most important thing is to make sure that obligations to your family can be met under any circumstances and yes, that’s going to involve adequate insurance. And, it’s more than that, it’s making sure that you’re diligently saving, that you’re building your emergency fund and not living outside of your means.” – Maxwell Schmitz … Read more