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Insightful Insurance Observations Spring 2020

Last week, I was invited to be a guest lecturer on insurance for a U.C. Berkeley personal finance course. It was a great experience with insightful questions from the students.  Here are some of the issues that we discussed: What are insurance company financial strength ratings? The financial strength of an insurance company is highly … Read more

Promotional pricing for all of my books

April is Financial Literacy Month and in preparation, I am discounting Get Ready to $2.99 all of my other books to $0.99 (e-book format on Amazon). This special pricing will be available on Amazon through the end of March. Visit my author page on Amazon to find all of my books (here).  Following is a … Read more

Get Ready with Bill Heestand: How a Smart Employee Can Buy Out the Boss

  “Your ownership in the business, the way that you finance your exit, allows you to help that person finance the sale and is an annuity for you.” – Bill Heestand In this episode, I spoke with Bill Heestand, author of the Ownership Ladder  about how to set up a successful internal business transfer & … Read more

What We Can All Do About Rising Health Care Costs

A 2019 Peter G. Peterson Foundation report projected that healthcare costs in the US are bound to rise by an average of 5.5% per year through 2027. Healthcare spending as a share of GDP will grow from 17.9% to 19.4% in 2027. The projections point to a steady uptick in healthcare expenditure. Every American should … Read more

Get Ready with Sheryl (Brown) Hickerson: Female Advocacy in the Financial Services Community

“On business efficiency: take out the things that are big item expenses and try to pare those down. You’ll streamline your business, you’ll cut your costs and you’ll make yourself more efficient. The money that you save from that, reinvest that money into other areas marketing yourself and amplify your thought leadership instead.” Sheryl Brown … Read more

6 ways to lower your credit card expenses

Even the most basic credit card can carry “expenses” in the form of fees. Some are immediately apparent — like an annual fee — while others are often tucked away in the card’s fine print. Whether you’re on the hook for these expenses often depends on how effectively and responsibly you use your credit card. … Read more

Get Ready with Sheryl Garrett: Making Competent, Objective Financial Advice Accessible

“Sheryl says the role of a financial advisor is one of the most important jobs but there is a segment of the industry that operates like the gunslingers of the Wild West, we don’t have the rules and regulations to protect those who we are supposed to be serving – I couldn’t have said it … Read more

Saving Up: Why Should Millennials Even Save?

Saving money is important at every stage of life; however, it could be argued that it’s most important to save when young. The cliche “time is money” holds most true when it comes to your personal savings. The longer you put money in, the longer that money has to compound and grow on top of … Read more