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Making a choice when it comes to customer service.  

Insurance companies are often criticized and rightfully so, for poor customer service and communication.  With most insurance companies, there can be long hold times or hard to find phone numbers. There is no industry standard as to whether policy owners should contact their agent or the company and oftentimes agents don’t have access to policy … Read more

Health Insurance Market Outlook for 2019:

The Department of Health and Human Services recently announced that premiums for the benchmark silver policy on the federal health insurance exchange will go down by 1.5% next year (here). This follows last year’s large premium increases, as insurance companies passed on the loss of revenue from cost-sharing subsidies cancelled by Trump.  This stabilization of … Read more

In the news: How to Pick the Right Life Insurance Plan” is now live on Investopedia:  (1/2018)

Thanks to Investopedia for publishing my article on picking the right life insurance plan.  I discuss why being an educated consumer, when choosing life insurance or other financial products is always the best starting point.  The article also details why you should consider your own needs before looking at life insurance options; what type of risks … Read more

Hurricane Michael, Hurricane Florence and Flood Insurance

Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Florence have now passed, however, the impact will be felt for a long time. Insurance will help many people get back on their feet as insurance claims are expected to exceed $10 billion.  Here’s What Consumers Should Do to Get Fair Claims Payments in the Wake of Hurricane Florence. Unfortunately, natural … Read more

Tariffs creating concerns for property & casualty insurers and potential premium increases for consumers:

The concern about tariffs, expressed by insurance companies is that raising the costs of auto parts will create a corresponding increase in claims.  Insurance, at its core is about financial leverage to replace a potential loss. If the loss is higher than expected, then premiums must rise to cover higher claim costs.  The 25% tariff … Read more

Amazon, the destroyer of industries is coming for financial services:

As with many other industries, there has been concern in the insurance and financial services industry, that Amazon is coming.  When Amazon has recently entered other industries, stock prices of existing companies have fallen dramatically.  The question remains about how much Amazon along with other Insure-Techs can really disrupt insurance.  And the answer remains that … Read more

Blockchain in action:

While there has been much talk of the potential for blockchain technology in the insurance space, there have been minimal implementations.  The Institute’s RiskBlock alliance and LIMRA have announced a promising use case in the life insurance and annuity sector.   This use case addresses the issue that many life insurance companies were not consulting … Read more

In the news: Juvenile Life Insurance: Should It Even Exist?  ( 

In the news: Juvenile Life Insurance: Should It Even Exist?  (  Thanks to Daniel Caughill of for the opportunity to be a source for his article on Juvenile Life Insurance.  The article details whether this product is worthwhile along with new restrictions on these policies due to high-profile deaths. The bottom line is that life insurance … Read more