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Life Settlement Reports Released by GAO & SEC

The life settlement marketplace as previously discussed in this blog continues to be an industry with question marks and intrigue. Federal and State Regulators along lawmakers are continuing to monitor, track and gain oversight over these transactions. The regulation has started and most State Insurance Departments have adopted a version of the National Association of … Read more

Life Insurance Company’s and Beneficiary Payouts

One of the hottest topics in the life insurance area right now is that of the issue of Life Insurance Companies putting death benefits payable to beneficiaries into interest bearing checking accounts rather than paying out the proceeds. There have been a number of articles this week on this issue along with investigations, etc. The … Read more

Moody’s and AM Best Both Revise Life Insurance Industry Outlook

In another good sign for the life insurance, two of the four major rating services – Moody’s and A.M. Best have both revised their outlook on the life insurance to stable from negative. The Moody’s report titled: “Financial Flexibility of U.S. Life Insurers Improves as Debt and Equity Markets Recover: 1Q10 versus 1Q09.” details U.S. … Read more

11 Life Insurance Companies Maintain ‘A’ Rating for 75 years: AM Best

Life Insurance is a long term proposition – even with a term policy, you are usually engaging in a contract that will last for ten or more years. With a permanent/cash value life insurance policy, you are looking at decades, so reviewing and understanding the Financial Strength Ratings of a life insurance company is critical … Read more

Strange Life Insurance Stories Continue

Over the last few years, a new type of life insurance marketplace has emerged known mostly as the “secondary marketplace”. The transactions can have many names, though for the most part fall under the term “life settlement”. The premise is deceptively simple whereby a policy owner sells their policy to another party. As with any … Read more

Senate Finance Bill Creates Office of National Insurance

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate passed their version of the Financial Overhaul bill that will now be reconciled with the U.S. House of Representatives version. The bills covers a number of issues including the creation of an Office of National Insurance within the U.S. Treasury Department. The Senate version would have this office monitor the industry … Read more

Life Insurance Outlook Returns to Stable – Report from Moody’s

In another encouraging report released this week by Moody’s Investor’s Service, the life insurance industry outlook has been returned to stable from negative. There are particular companies that continue to face issues, however, for the majority of companies, the outlook is favorable. Further information can be found on in the resources section (click here). Moody’s … Read more

Fitch Releases Report: U.S. Insurance Industry Raises $38.6 Billion in Capital

In a report released last week, Fitch Rating services noted that the U.S. insurance industry raised $38.6 billion in capital in 2009 through the first quarter of 2010. Generally, Fitch views the industry’s capital raises as a positive factor in the rating process, because it addressed concerns regarding companies’ capitalization, liquidity position, and overall financial … Read more