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Fitch Releases Report on Rating Methodology

Life Insurance Company ratings are a critical component in monitoring a life insurance policy. Life insurance policies are long term contracts so it’s important to know the likelihood that a company will still be in existence when needed. Fitch Ratings is one of the four major rating services (information and links for the rating services … Read more

Time to Monitor Your Life Insurance Policy – Conning Research Study – Profitability Squeezed

It’s important to monitor any life insurance policy with full reviews at least every three years. Conning Research has released a study showing that Life Insurer Profitability is down. What this means is that if Life Insurance Companies are making less money, your policy performance may be less than projected. Companies may need to increase … Read more

A.M. Best Releases Life Insurer Outlook

A.M. Best has released a new report: “Life/Annuity Review & Preview 2010: Life Insurers Take Stock and Lay Groundwork for Recovery. In the report, A.M. Best indicates that they are continuing their negative outlook on the life/health industry. The life insurance industry so far has survived the financial crisis-bruised certainly-but generally healthier than its financial … Read more

Moody’s Comments on U.S. Life Insurers’ Q4 2009 Earnings

Moody’s Rating Services has released a report on Life Insurers 2009 Fourth Quarter Results – which finds that that Life Insurance Companies are stronger than a year ago. New York, February 24, 2010 — In general, quarterly operating earnings of U.S. life insurers have been stabilizing or improving during 2009, and — despite some variability … Read more

Fitch Ratings Maintains Negative Outlook for U.S. Life Insurance Sector

It appears that the Life Insurance sector will continue to have some issues to contend with in 2010. Fitch Ratings has just released a report titled: 2010 Rating Outlook Negative for U.S. Life Insurance Sector. Fitch Ratings continued to have a negative rating outlook for the U.S. Life insurance market. Factors contributing to this outlook … Read more

A.M. Best Releases Report on Investment Environment for U.S. Life Health Insurers

Last week, A.M. Best Company issued a special report outlining its views on the investment environment for U.S. life/health insurers titled, “Mixed Signals: Has the Economy Begun Its Recovery?” A.M. Best believes that, despite signs of economic recovery, financial institutions’ loan portfolios have yet to generate the full measure of expected losses, and that same … Read more

Locating a Lost Life Insurance Policy

With all the mergers and changes in the life insurance industry, it can be a challenge to locate a lost policy. The following are a couple of ways to look for a policy: 1) The National Association of Insurance Commissioners offers a free resource on their site ( which recommends the following steps: * If you … Read more