Questions and Answers on Life Insurance


Questions and Answers on Life Insurance

The Life Insurance Toolbook

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Questions and Answers on Life Insurance is an extremely useful and one of a kind resource for anyone looking for a simple way to understand life insurance. It covers all the basics and the advanced information that you need to know. And all this in a format where can go directly to the information you need without having to sort through information you're not looking for.

Author Tony Steuer brings 17 years of experience in the life insurance. During this time Tony has guided clients with purchasing their life insurance and the ongoing maintenance of policies. He has also worked with professional advisors on reviewing their client's policies and determining needs. Tony has helped to keep client's, where possible, from unpleasant surprises. Questions and Answers on Life Insurance covers:

  • Life Insurance Needs Planning
  • Keeping your policy in force
  • Company Evaluations
  • Pitfalls to look out for

Questions and Answers on Life Insurance is a valuable resource for anyone involved with a life insurance policy. It helps makes a complex financial product understandable for consumers as well as financial advisors.

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Product Details

Pages: 402 Publisher: Life Insurance Sage Press Format:  Release Date: May 4, 2015 (4th edition)  Chapters: 14 Language: English ISBN-13: 978-0984508181 Genre: Personal Finance, Life Insurance Target Audience: People Who Want to Pay Off Debt, Build Their Savings, and Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck  

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: IntroductIon to LIfe Insurance 

Chapter 2: Types Of Life Insurance

Chapter 3: Choosing and Evaluating a Life Insurance Policy

Chapter 4: Finding A Life Insurance Policy

Chapter 5: Finding A Life Insurance Agent

Chapter 6: Other Issues Before Buying A Policy

Chapter 7: Understanding Underwriting

Chapter 8: Monitoring Your In-Force Life Insurance Policy

Chapter 9: What Should I know About Life Insurance Policy Replacements?

Chapter 10: What You Need To Know About Policy Loans

Chapter 11: Life Insurance and Qualified Retirement Plans

Chapter 12: Taxes and Life Insurance

Chapter 13: Life Insurance Trusts

Chapter 14:Miscellaneous Issues


Appendix A: Contact Information for All State Insurance Departments

Appendix B: Additional Factors That May Impact Underwriting and What You Need to Know

Glossary: Key Life Insurance Terms

Top Ten Questions from Questions & Answers on Life Insurance:

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1. Why do I need life insurance?

2. How much life insurance do I need?

3. What are the basic types of life insurance products out there?

4. Who are the insurance company rating services?

5. How do I find a life insurance agent?

6. Okay, I`m ready to buy some life insurance— what should I expect?

7. What is underwriting and why is it important to me?

8. How do I monitor and evaluate an in-force policy?

9. Why would I consider a life insurance replacement?

10. What happens if a life insurance company goes bankrupt?


Get It Now: Amazon

Get It Now: $9.99 (PDF version)

Bulk Order (contact me for info)