Fires & Floods:

The last couple of years have brought many natural disasters including fires, hurricanes and floods.  According to scientists, it is likely that the increased frequency and severity are a result of global warming and most likely will continue. Climate change is having an impact on the insurance industry and will have an impact on all … Read more

Blockchain and Parametric Insurance:

Blockchain is a technology that could transform security in financial services and could potentially reshape how complex transactions are dealt with. Blockchain is being used currently with numerous applications in insurance, medical data handling, document verification, increasing privacy & security, powering token economies and cross-border processing.  Will Blockchain End Up Like 3DTV? is a good … Read more

In the news: The Best Business Insurance (

Thank you to for the opportunity to be a source for their article on The Best Business Insurance.  This article takes an in-depth look at how to protect yourself and your company from liability for employee injury, property damage, and other common mishaps by securing a business insurance policy from a reliable, communicative provider. … Read more

Individual Health Care Open Enrollment for 2019

The open enrollment period for 2019 health insurance coverage through marketplaces and other individual plans has started.  Most consumers will access coverage through the federal marketplace at Open enrollment ends on December 15 except for a few states that operate their own marketplace such as California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Massachussetts, Minnesota, New York … Read more

Return of The Fiduciary Rule:

The Department of Labor recently released a regulatory agenda that indicates that it will consider regulatory options to respond to the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision in March (2018) to vacate the Fiduciary Rule.  The rule would have required brokers in retirement accounts to act in the best interests of their client.  The … Read more

Making Lemonade from Insurance:

While insurance companies are not the most beloved, they for the most part, meet their obligations by paying claims, as promised.  We’ve all heard the stories of insurance companies unfairly and unreasonably denying claims or giving claimants the run-around. And most likely have experienced this ourselves. I’ve definitely experienced this.  What most people don’t talk … Read more

Announcing The GET READY! Financial Preparedness Group:

I’ve created a new Facebook Group “GET READY! The Financial Preparedness Group”.  Life is uncertain, and things happen.  This group is about being financially prepared and how you can maintain a financial first aid kit.  This is the kind of group, you’ll want to be part of before an emergency happens. Whether you want to … Read more