The F Word Podcast: Creating Your Financial First Aid Kit

Recently, I had the honor of joining Sheryl Hickerson, founder of Females and Finance, on the F word podcast. We discussed: Financial Literacy: Why are our communities hungry for this. Financial First Aid Kit: Why Tony provides resources for individuals and businesses alike. Financial Preparedness: How we take financial literacy and make it more holistic. … Read more

The Four Principles For A Successful Family Financial Meeting:

The Get Ready Financial Calendar action item for June is holding a family financial meeting. The goal of a family financial meeting is to review and communicate goals, priorities and intentions. Here are the four principles for a successful family financial meeting Include all family members.  It’s important to involve all members of the family … Read more

Get Ready (Expanded Edition) – Campaign Ending Soon

The Indiegogo campaign to fund the production of the Ready (Expanded Edition): A Financial First Aid Kit ends on June 6th. Please consider supporting my project by pre-ordering your copy or making a contribution (here), The Get Ready! (Expanded Edition): A Financial First Aid Kit is an all-in-one financial organizer that includes the Get Ready … Read more

How to be financially prepared during uncertain times

“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” Yoda Yoda is on the money, the future tends to be different than what we expect. As a writer and advocate, my mission is to help people be financially prepared for any emergency. And while you can be prepared for an emergency, you can’t predict with … Read more

Top 4 Things You Need to Do Now to Organize Your Financial Life 

Safety efforts like hand washing and mask-wearing are helping lower risks in the current COVID-19 crisis, but there’s another critical safety step you may not be taking — one that can significantly reduce stress on your family and on society amid this crisis:  Organizing your financial life.  Amid a surge in demand for things like … Read more

Financial First Aid – Audio Course

Glad to have the opportunity to be a part of a new free audio course from teaching lessons in helping you protect your bank account, navigating uncertainty, and more. Coronavirus changed the world in ways we never thought possible, leaving people everywhere, including those who “did everything right,” feeling blindsided, helpless, and financially insecure. … Read more