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Financial Integrity Pledge

The Financial Integrity Pledge  empowers consumers and establishes a baseline of Principles in Financial Services.

The Financial Integrity Pledge is an affirmation of Principles that should be adhered to by all financial advisors including insurance agent along with all financial services companies.  The Financial Integrity Pledge was created by Tony Steuer, CLU, LA, CPFFE to help financial consumers understand theirs right and to assist advisors, companies and other members of the financial services industry in meeting these Principles.

Why The Financial Integrity Pledge Matters To You As A Financial Consumer:

  • It defines reasonable expectations for you as an Financial Consumer.
  • The Financial Integrity Pledge sets the Bar of Financial Principles providing simple, easy to understand guidelines. It is a Standard of Excellence.
  • Advisors, Companies and others who adhere toThe Financial Integrity Pledge have shown that they are dedicated to providing the most qualified, professional and fair experience and to acting in your Best Interest. Learn more about “Choosing a Financial Advisor” .
  • Financial products and services can be complex. Having an advisor with integrity will make a positive difference.  
  • It will assist you in acquiring the optimal financial products and services that best fits your needs and goals.
  • You will be empowered as an informed consumer. See: “Tips To Protect Yourself“.
  • The focus is on moving from a sales perspective to a consultative perspective whereby your financial needs are examined at the time of implementation and continuously monitored the whole time you have that financial product.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions About The Financial Integrity Pledge.

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