Financial Advisor Designations

Does the alphabet soup after your financial advisor's name leave you wondering exactly what all of those designations mean? The financial advisor designation table below links to the most commonly used financial designations. Click on the designation to learn more about it including the issuing organization, details on what it takes to get the designation and to maintain it. As with most things in life, some are easy to get and other designations are not. More designations will be added soon. If you think a designation should be added, please use the contact form to submit the designation.

AAI – Accredited Adviser in Insurance,

 AAMS – Accredited Asset Management Specialist,

 ADPA – Accredited Domestic Partnership Advisor,

 AINS – Associate in General Insurance,

 AIS – Associate in Insurance Services,

 ALMI – Associate, Life Management Institute,

 API – Associate in Personal Insurance,

 APMA – Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor,

 AWMA – Accredited Wealth Management Advisor,

 BCA – Board Certified in Annuities,

 CAA – Certified Annuity Advisor,

 CAC – Certified Annuity Consultant,

 CAIA – Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst,

 CAP – Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy,

 CAS – Certified Annuity Specialist,

 CASL – Chartered Advisor for Senior Living,

 CEA – Certified Estate Advisor,

 CEBS – Certified Employee Benefit Specialist,

 CEIAS – Certified Equity Indexed Annuity Specialist,

 CEPS – Certified Elder Planning Specialist,

 CES – Certified Estate Planner (Certified Estate and Trust Specialist),

 CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst,

 CFC – Certified Financial Consultant,

 CFG – Certified Financial Gerontologist,

 CFP – Certified Financial Planner,

 ChFC – Chartered Financial Consultant,

 ChHC – Chartered Healthcare Consultant,

 CIC – Chartered Investment Counselor,

 CIC – Certified Insurance Counselor,

 CIIP – Certified Insurance Industry Professional,

 CISR – Certified Insurance Service Representative,

 CLF – Chartered Leadership Fellow,

 CLTC – Certified Long Term Care,

 CLU – Chartered Life Underwriter,

 CMFC – Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor,

 CMP – Certified Medicaid Planner,

 CPCU – Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter,

 CPIA – Certified Professional Insurance Agent,

 CPIM – Certified Professional Insurance Man,

 CPIW – Certified Professional Insurance Woman,

 CPRM – Certified Personal Risk Manager,

 CRM – Certified Risk Manager,

 CRPC – Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor,

 CRPC – Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist,

 CSA – Certified Senior Advisor,

 CSC – Certified Senior Consultant,

 CSRIC – Chartered SRI Counselor,

 CSRM – Certified School Risk Manager,

 CTFA – Certified Trust and Financial Advisor,

 DIA – Disability Income Associate,

 EHBA – Employee Healthcare Benefits Associate,

 FALU – Fellow of the Academy of Life Underwriting,

 FIC – Fraternal Insurance Counselor,

 FICF – Fraternal Insurance Counselor Fellow,

 FLMI – Fellow Life Management Institute,

 FPQP – Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist,

 FRM – Financial Risk Manager,

 FSS – Financial Services Specialist,

 LTCP – Long Term Care Professional,

 LUTCF – Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow,

 MFP – Master Financial Planner,

 MPAS – Master Planner Advanced Studies,

 MSFS – Masters of Science in Financial Service,

 PFS – Personal Financial Specialist,

 REBC – Registered Employee Benefits Consultant,

 RFC – Registered Financial Consultant,

 RFG – Registered Financial Gerontologist,

 RFP – Registered Financial Planner,

 RFS – Registered Financial Specialist,

 RHU – Registered Health Underwriter,

 RICP – Retirement Income Certifified Professional,

 RIS – Retirement Income Specialist, now Certified Income Specialist,