Financial Advisor Designations

Designation: CMP
Designation Full Title: Certified Medicaid Planner
Definition: A career as a Medicaid planner is highly rewarding since the main goal of a CMP™ is to help families navigate the confusing Medicaid system.  This is often the most difficult time of a person’s life and their family is left to pick up the pieces.  Because the Medicaid rules for long-term care services are so confusing, most people do not know when to file for Medicaid benefits and often over spend assets.  As a recognized leader in Medicaid planning, they turn to a CMP™ for the help with avoiding financial ruin and help navigating the complex Medicaid department rules.

Issuing Organization: certified medicaid planner governing board
Is the designation still offered: Currently offered & recognized by the issuing organization
Is the designation still supported: 
What are the prerequisites?
What are the requirements to obtain the designation? Meet prerequisites and submit an application
What type of examination is required to complete the designation process? 160 questions exam covering Medicaid planning topics
Is there any ongoing continuing education or other requirements to maintain the designation? Pay recertification fee, send in application for re-certification, 20 hours continuation education classes
Where can you check if someone has the designation and if it’s current? Yes,
Does the designation have a complaint process and if so, where can it be found? Yes,
Is there a published list of disciplined designees and if so, where can it be viewed? Yes,
Who is the accreditation through? NCCA and Institute for Credentialing Excellence
Recommended for: Almost anyone
Code of Ethics or Ethics Course? Yes,
Length of Time For Completion: the test is 3 hours long