Financial Advisor Designations

Designation: CIC
Designation Full Title: Certified Insurance Counselor
Definition: The Certified Insurance Counselors meets the standards for the Texas Risk Managers License.

Issuing Organization: The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research
Is the designation still offered: Currently offered & recognized by the issuing organization
Is the designation still supported: 
What are the prerequisites? Be a licensed agent, broker, adjuster, or solicitor; or have at least two years of full-time experience in the insurance industry or as a risk management practitioner; or have served as a full-time insurance faculty member at an accredited college or university.
What are the requirements to obtain the designation? Either five CIC institutes or four institutes and one Certified Risk Manager (CRM) course,
What type of examination is required to complete the designation process? Pass all five CIC exams within five calendar years after you pass your first CIC exam, or pass any four CIC exams plus any one of the five CRM exams within five calendar years after you pass your first CIC or CRM exam.
Is there any ongoing continuing education or other requirements to maintain the designation? Must attend at one Program in it’s entirety annually, hours not listed
Where can you check if someone has the designation and if it’s current? No
Does the designation have a complaint process and if so, where can it be found? Not directly, though there is an internal process.
Is there a published list of disciplined designees and if so, where can it be viewed? None
Who is the accreditation through? None
Recommended for: The CIC Program is for agency and company personnel — owners, producers, agents, account managers, brokers, underwriters, and marketing or claims personnel.
Code of Ethics or Ethics Course? Yes, Standards of Conduct at
Length of Time For Completion: 100 Hours of instruction