Get Ready Episode 5 with David Paul: The Future of Insurance Company Financial Analysis


Any analysis should be measurable and quantifiable - David Paul

If you stay optimistic and you are willing to work hard and keep at it and not give up, I think it will be really hard to fail - David Paul  

In this episode of GET READY!, I spoke with David Paul who specializes in the analysis of insurance company financial performance trends. David and I discussed trends with insurance company financial analysis and the unique approach that his firm, Alirt Research takes in evaluating insurance companies. We also discussed his philosophy in analyzing insurance companies.  

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David has over 25 years of experience in insurance research and financial analysis and is active in the industry as an author and public speaker. David is a founding member and principal of ALIRT Insurance Research (1999), building out the company’s life, property/casualty, health, and international analytical models/services.  David co-directs the company’s research staff, manages internal IT initiatives and product development, pens a number of the firm’s insurance industry research pieces, and is actively engaged in client service and business development. ALIRT’s quarterly insight into the underlying financial strength of insurers allows distributors and buyers of insurance products to anticipate financial stress and/or rating downgrades of insurance partners before they occur

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