Get Ready (Expanded Edition) – Campaign Ending Soon

The Indiegogo campaign to fund the production of the Ready (Expanded Edition): A Financial First Aid Kit ends on June 6th. Please consider supporting my project by pre-ordering your copy or making a contribution (here),

The Get Ready! (Expanded Edition): A Financial First Aid Kit is an all-in-one financial organizer that includes the Get Ready Planner, Get Ready Binder and Get Ready! Monthly Personal Finance Guidebook. Get Ready will help you:

  • Prepare for any financial emergency
  • Organize your finances for your family members (in the event that you fall ill)
  • Have you documents ready when applying for a loan or, filing for taxes
  • Monitor your financial life

Your support on pre-ordering the Get Ready! (Expanded Edition) through Indiegogo is much appreciated and helps me continue to create content for you. Pre-order (here).

Please let me know if you have any feedback (here). Thanks for your consideration,

Bonus: Pick up a Kindle edition of the Get Ready Planner for $2.99 on Amazon (here) or enter to win a copy of The Get Ready Planner on Goodreads (here).