Get Ready! Financial Preparedness Club

“Preparing for an emergency is a critical step to your financial success" 

Hurricanes. Forest fires. Earthquakes. Floods. Now more than ever, uncertainty about our living environment is a fact of life.  This prospect raises an important question we all-too-rarely ask in advance: 

“What happens to the pieces of my financial life if an emergency hits?”

Start Your Own Get Ready Financial Preparedness Club!

Starting your own GET READY! Financial Preparedness Club is a great way for families, friends, neighbors, groups and companies to join together and create their own emergency support network. Clubs can provide group motivation, accountability, and large-scale preparation.

The good news is, you can prepare. The key is to be organized and to plan for the unpredictable. Everyone can and should be prepared for an emergency. It’s important to follow a step-by-step system to become financially prepared and to stay financially prepared.

How does it work?

Getting started is easy. The GET READY! Financial Preparedness Club follows a step-by-step process following a financial preparedness calendar with tips and resources to help you Get Ready and Stay Ready.

What is provided? 

  • Start Your Own Get Ready Financial Preparedness Club Checklist
  • Access to the Get Ready Toolkit (includes 100+ fillable, downloadable worksheets)
  • Subscription to the Get Ready Newsletter (tips to stay financially prepared)

Download the Start Your Own Get Ready Financial Preparedness Club Checklist

Become an advocate in your community and get your family, friends and neighbors involved in your financial preparedness club or encourage them to start their own.

You and your community can get ready — and with regular meetings, stay ready for any financial emergency.

Become a GET READY! Financial Preparedness Group Sponsor (employers, groups, advisors and companies)

Sponsor and lead a Get Ready! Financial Preparedness Group.  Employers, Groups, Advisors and others who organize a GET READY Financial Preparedness club for their employees, clients or community members, will help them benefit by improving their understanding of how to prepare for financial emergencies and maintain a healthy financial life. 

Sponsors who order a minimum of 100 copies of GET READY! A step-by-step guide to maintaining a financial first aid kit receive a bulk discount and customization options. Contact me with your group size to get a quote and learn more (here).

The #1 reason to form your own emergency preparedness group is to stay ready. Besides taking the steps to being prepared, the next and possibly greater challenge is staying ready. First responders continue to train every day in order to stay prepared.

The GET READY! Financial Preparedness Club is part of the GET READY! Initiative. The goal of the GET READY Initiative is to demystify the world of personal finances, by explaining how to easily assess your own financial situation, identify issues that need to be addressed, become better educated about your finances, maximize your resources and use simple tools and techniques to improve the health of your current financial plan.

Do you have other questions? Please contact me here.