“Are You Financially Prepared?”

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Hurricanes. Forest fires. Earthquakes. Floods. Divorce. Birth. Death. Uncertainty is a fact of life.   Have you ever considered:

“What happens to my money when my world is turned upside down?”

Financial preparedness is the most important part of emergency preparedness. Being financially organized allows you to recover more easily from physical setbacks. You will also be prepared for life’s inevitable changes, such as the passing away of a loved one.

It’s very unlikely that someone is going to step in right away if disaster strikes your area. You have to be prepared for those moments, days and weeks after chaos strikes.

How does it work?

Getting started is easy and free. The Get Ready! Financial Preparedness Club provides you the resources to become financially prepared. I’ll guide you each step of the way. Follow my user-friendly calendar full of tips and resources, to help you Get Ready and Stay Ready.

What is provided? 

The GET READY! Financial Preparedness club provides you with the following:

  • Welcome Kit
  • Get Ready Resource Center
  • Subscription to the Get Ready Newsletter

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The Get Ready Resource Center includes 100+ downloadable, fillable PDF's from the Get Ready Planner along with the Unclaimed Property (Missing Money) Worksheet.

The Get Ready Financial Preparedness Club will help you organize and monitor your finances, so you’ll be prepared for any emergency.

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