GET READY! Financial Principles: Financial Services Industry Center

The GET READY! Financial Principles are for all member of the financial services community including financial advisors, insurance agents, real estate agents, loan officers along with financial service companies.  Members of the Financial Services Community affirm the following: 

  • Commit to adhering to the GET READY! Financial Principles.
  • A vow to act in the financial consumer’s best interests to the best of your ability
  • An intent to meet the financial consumers goals and needs through a consultative approach (rather than a sales approach).
  • A goal to assist financial consumers with understanding their options
  • A promise of professionalism, honesty, and integrity
  • A clean conduct history
  • A goal to add value to the consumers they work with

Download The GET READY! Financial Principles Seal

Benefits of  Adhering to the GET READY! Financial Principles

  • Having a clear framework for guidance through the full financial product life cycle from initial needs analysis and if applicable, obtaining and monitoring financial products along with making an insurance claim.
  • Showing your commitment to consumers by following the GET READY! Financial Principles.
  • Reduce E&O exposure: following these Principles consistently may reduce your E&O exposure
  • Promote Trust: Financial Consumers look for advisors who describe their philosophy and principles during their research.
  • The GET READY! Financial Principles is the best way to demonstrate that you are a qualified, committed professional with a high level of experience, education, and integrity. 
  • Enhance credibility
  • To increase positive influence on society

Download The GET READY! Financial Principles Seal

Pledging to Adhere to The GET READY! Financial Principles will show that you and your company are committed to acting in the most professional manner. A recent Gallup poll shows that insurance agents, stock brokers and real estate agents  continue to retain a low honesty rating (click to see poll): 

If you would like help distinguishing yourself in the vast & ever-changing financial services marketplace, committing to the GET READY! Financial Principles will help you distinguish yourself as committed to consumer’s best interests.