You should receive customized service appropriate to your needs:

Your customized financial products should fit smoothly into your overall financial plan, filling any gaps that may currently exist. This personalized financial strategy will incorporate your current life goals, needs and objectives.

What should you expect during your needs review from a financial advisor or insurance agent?

  • Defining your specific goals, needs and objectives.
  • Providing a suitable recommendation that meets your parameters.
  • If there is an existing financial product such as an insurance policy or mutual fund, outlining all the pros and cons of replacing that financial product if a replacement is called for.

This custom strategy and recommendation will form a foundation to communicate meaningful and responsive solutions.  This increases the likelihood that a financial product will be the best fit for you, providing optimal value, and it will be a financial product that remains in place which is a benefit for the financial consumer, the financial advisor and financial services company – a win all the way around.

The key to a successful financial plan is to remain flexible and to understand that things change.  Financial needs change over the years and you will need to adapt your financial portfolio and plan to meet those changes.


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