Get Ready: Now Available In e-book Format

I'm pleased to announce that Get Ready! is now available in all major e-book formats.

In GET READY!, I explain how to organize your financial life with a comprehensive, easy to follow, step-by-step process. After explaining what, exactly, each piece of your financial life is—from bonds and bank accounts to CDs and retirement plans—GET READY! expertly guides you through the process of documenting vital information and gathering it in one place to maximize your financial preparedness. 

GET READY! covers:

  • Implementing the GET READY! system to help organize your financial documents in the way that works best for you
  • Assembling documents and knowing which are critical to your financial preparedness and which to toss
  • Creating a critical emergency action list so you can be prepared in the event of an evacuation
  • Communicating key components of your financial life to family and heirs so they’re not left guessing in an emergency and can step right in if something should happen to you
  • Setting up your financial dashboard to monitor your overall financial preparedness
  • Staying ready with a system that helps you maintain your financial health and preparedness

GET READY! goes beyond other financial organizational systems by demystifying the world of personal finances, explaining how to easily assess your financial situation, and identifying issues that need to be addressed so that you can become better educated about your finances and maximize your resources.

Pick up your copy of Get Ready now (Amazon Kindle)!