Get Ready with Maxwell Schmitz: The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Insurance Industry

"It’s a very fluid situation. 90% of financial services institutions had a pandemic response ready. From a broad scale perspective, the financial stability portion is not a concern as this time."  Maxwell Schmitz 

"Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth". Mike Tyson

In this episode, I spoke with Maxwell Schmitz, the Insurance Resource for Certified Financial Planners  about the impact of Covid-19 on the insurance industry. We discussed the impact of Covid-19 on the application process, underwriting and claims along with how this could change the industry in the future. 

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LinkedIn: Maxwell Schmitz (here)

Website: DI & LTC Insurance Services (here)


Maxwell Schmitz

Maxwell Schmitz joined DI & LTC Insurance Services as a third-generation DI specialist in the bottom of the recession in 2009. Since then he has developed a specialty in working with CFPs and RIAs to consult and implement proper disability planning for their clients. Max and I also co-authored The Questions and Answers on Disability Insurance Workbook.


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