Get Ready with Sam Renick: It’s Never Too Early for Financial Education

“The most important thought, is the idea of paying yourself first or spending less than you earn, however you like to look at it.  It’s an important idea that anyone can take action on.” - Sam Renick

In this episode, I spoke with Sam X Renick, founder of the “It’s a Habit!” Company and co-creator of Sammy Rabbit about the importance of financial literacy. We discussed how advisors and companies can be be active in promoting financial literacy. We also discussed the importance of financial literacy for children and how to talk with children about money.

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Sam Renick

Sam Renick is an internationally recognized leader and pioneer in financial literacy. In 2001, Sam founded the “It’s a Habit!” Company and co-created children's storybook character Sammy Rabbit to make it easy for anyone to talk to and teach young children about great money habits!  Since then Sam has produced one of the largest libraries in the world of financial literacy resources. It includes stories and songs like Sammy’s Big Dream, Get in the Habit, S.A.V.E. Rainy Day, Lemonade Stand, Anyone Can Be Rich, Show Your Family the Way and more. Sam has also received numerous awards for his innovative work including National Financial Educators Council Financial Educator of the Year (2016), NJ Coalition for Financial Education Lifetime Achievement Award (2015), Excellence in Financial Literacy Education Program.

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