Get Ready with Sheryl Garrett: Making Competent, Objective Financial Advice Accessible

“Sheryl says the role of a financial advisor is one of the most important jobs but there is a segment of the industry that operates like the gunslingers of the Wild West, we don’t have the rules and regulations to protect those who we are supposed to be serving - I couldn’t have said it better myself.” President Barack Obama recognizing Sheryl during a 2015 speech”. 

We have to know who are resources are and how to tap in to them, know what kind of tools and strategies that we could get into. And how to find these people. Sheryl Garrett. 

In this episode, I spoke with Sheryl Garrett, Founder of the Garrett Planning Network about being a trailblazer in the financial planning industry and building a network of fee-based financial planners. We also discussed Sheryl’s work as an advocate for the an authentic fiduciary standard and higher standards of care. Lastly, we covered the unique challenges and opportunities for women in the financial services industry. 

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Sheryl Garrett

Sheryl Garrett is the founder of Garrett Planning Network and has been dubbed "The All-American Planner," because of her zealous mission to "help make competent, objective financial advice accessible to all people." Sheryl is Consistently recognized as one of the most influential people in financial planning. Sheryl has also been honored to work with the House Subcommittee on Financial Services regarding predatory lending regulation and has testified before Congress on financial literacy and Social Security reform. In addition, Sheryl has authored, coauthored or served as a technical editor on over a dozen books and several magazine columns. These books include Garrett’s Guide to Financial Planning, Just Give Me the Answer$ , Money Without MatrimonyPersonal Finance Workbook For Dummies, A Family’s Guide to the Military For Dummies and Investing in an Uncertain Economy For Dummies.

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