Get Ready! with Tony Steuer – Ep3: The Future of Estate Planning with Chris Hall

Welcome to Episode 3 of the GET READY! With Tony Steuer podcast in partnership with Insurance Nerds.

In this episode,  of GET READY!, I spoke with Chris Hall about the blending of technology with human advisors, strategic partnerships and trends. Chris shared how his firm blends a fintech approach with human lawyers to create a streamlined approach to estate planning. The key is being able to leverage technology to expedite processes that are routine with utilizing people for the individualized aspects. The future of financial services is about creating the right balance with technology and people. 

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Chris Hall, Founder of Estate Plan Navigator. Former top producing insurance agent and financial advisor with Great Northern Financial. Currently on a mission to flip the numbers from 70% of adults in need of proper estate planning documents to 70% or more who have them in place. And, when time permits a true golf addict.








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About The GET READY! with Tony Steuer Podcast: On the GET READY! Podcast, I’ll be catching up with inspiring professionals from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to help bring you innovative strategies to organize your financial life. GET READY! With Tony Steuer will help you be informed and financially prepared today and in the future. We’ll also talk about best practices from both the consumer and industry perspectives. 

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