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In some of the best news for health insurance and health care in a long time, the Senate GOP “Better Care Reconciliation Act” does not have sufficient votes to move to a vote.  Speaker McConnell is pulling the bill for now.  There are still reasons to stay active:
1) Speaker McConnell has suggested voting on the House Plan.  Highly unlikely this will happen as the vote count would break out the same or even less favorably to pass.
2) Talk of the House and Senate voting on a repeal (complete) and replace in two years.  Highly unlikely it would even get to a vote in the Senate, though they might vote on it just to say they did.  This should be more clear in the next few days.
3) The Affordable Care Act still needs to be stabilized and the House and Senate need to act quickly.  There are some bipartisan measure being floated on this.  It is likely this will pass, however, it may not be with sufficient time to impact the 2018 marketplace and premiums.  It is also uncertain what Trump will do, he has been inconsistent in his positions on health care.
4) It is important to add our voices to improving the Affordable Care Act, I will be posting an update on why and how.
A longer blog post is on its way.
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