Insurance Fraud Darwin Award

Insurance fraud, especially slip and falls have been around, as long as the insurance industry.  Insurance fraud is big business and can often be hard to detect. While other times, it’s just too easy.  

CBSNews has a great example with A New Jersey man is facing fraud charges after surveillance video captured him appearing to fake a "slip and fall" at his former workplace. The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office released the footage of Alexander Goldinsky dumping a cup of ice onto the floor of his workplace break room. After dumping the ice and then throwing the cup in the trash, the 57-year-old turns and walks over to an ice cube, steps on it and "falls" to the floor. He laid flat on his back and waited to be discovered. Check out the video to be amazed by this attempt: New Jersey man charged after video shows him allegedly faking "slip and fall" at work.