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While blockchain received most of the attention in 2018, it looks like 2019 will be the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Cybersecurity. Read about 7 (realistic) predictions about fintech in 2019 and 8 Key Insurtech Trends for 2019. Skynet may not be imminent, however, it does make the Terminator movies oddly prescient (check out the Terminator Anthology).  

On a related note, 773 Million Consumer Accounts Had Email and Passwords Exposed. The bottom line is that combined with all of the other major data breaches, that it’s fairly safe to assume that any of your information may have been compromised. Check out the website Have I Been Pwned to determine whether your email address or passwords are included. Bottom line, you should regularly change your passwords making sure that you vary your passwords and make them stronger (tip: use a password manager like Apple’s built-in Keychain and an anonymously named document or paper journal). 

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