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How can I help you prepare your clients for a financial emergency?

Helping your clients and employees be prepared for any financial emergency provides them with resources so that they better understand their finances and make smart money choices. I can help your students learn about the mechanics of financial preparedness including insurance, financial best practices and creating a financial management roadmap

When someone understands their finances, they will be more efficient with their finances, be able to better meet their goals, be more comfortable with the financial products that they own and be less distracted by financial concerns. If they are financially educated, people can also better plan for the future. Being financially educated helps bring financial peace of mind as people understand how to be prepared for any financial emergency.

Here are some ways that I can help you:

Co-branded Bulk Books (and Bulk Books)

My books have been used in many ways including, insurance company trainings, employee education , insurance agency training and  as textbooks in financial planning courses (CFP & Personal Finance Degrees).  I’ve designed the books to simplify complex topics while providing in-depth knowledge while integrating best practices into the process.

Co-branded (customized books) include the option to place your company’s name & logo on the cover and interior along with adding new Preface or Forward.

For quotes, please contact me.

Book Discounts

Discount codes for my books are available for advisors and companies. Use these discount codes to enhance your customer’s experience. Discount codes have been used by websites as a bonus for their customers & prospects, members of financial service networks and insurance broker/agent networks.

Contact me to discuss discounts for your organization.

Webinars, speaking and training

As an experienced speaker and teacher, I am available to lead webinars and training along with speaking on topics including:

  • Insurance best practices for financial services professionals (financial planners and insurance agents)
  • How you can help your clients plans for any financial crisis with 12 simple action steps
  • Help your clients create a financial first aid kit (a step-by-step system to organize their financial life)
  • Maximizing open enrollment for your employees (for employers)
  • Related topics

Please contact me to discuss topics and fees.

Get Ready Financial Preparedness Club

Sponsor a Get Ready Financial Preparedness Club for your employees and clients.  This includes free access to the Get Ready Toolkit which includes monthly reminders for financial calendar items. Purchase bulk copies of Get Ready to help your employees and clients be prepared for any financial emergency.


Employers: Download your checklist here.
Financial companies, advisors and agents: Download your checklist here.

Content partner

The content on this site and in my books are available for licensed use on your website or in your company’s publications.

Contact me to discuss.

Boards and Advisory Panels

If you are a company seeking an experienced board member and independent expert on life insurance and best practices, I can help your company’s board or advisory council.

I have served on boards and committees for many different organizations including the California Department of Insurance.

My extensive background in insurance and best practices can benefit your company’s brand value and product development.

Contact me to discuss.

Best Practices Implementation

For Insurance & Financial Advisors and Companies

The Get Ready Financial Standards are the guidelines that I recommend for members of the financial services industry. Any content or training that I perform is in line with the Get Ready financial standards. Members of the financial services industry can learn more about integrating the Get Ready Financial Standards into their business. The Get Ready Financial Standards Seal is available for use in your business at no cost (learn more here).

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