Podcast Guest: Profiles in Risk – E51: The Insurance Bill of Rights

Thanks to Nick Lamparelli & Tony Canas of Insnerds.com for the opportunity to be a guest on their Podcast “Profiles in Risk” to discuss the Insurance Bill of Rights. It was a great opportunity to discuss the overall opportunity for the insurance industry to adopt a policy owner first approach. You can listen to the podcast here.

More information:

Background: Profiles in Risk – E51: The Insurance Bill of Rights With Tony Steuer; Author, Blogger and Insurance Advocate . -Podcast. In this episode  Tony Canas and Nick Lamparelli speak with Tony Steuer. Tony is a prodigious author and advocate in insurance topics, especially in the Life and Health fields. He came up with an Insurance Bill of Rights that the insurance ecosystem should adopt as standard ethics in their day to day business dealings. We also touched on current events, specifically the debate over the Cassidy-Graham health insurance bill in Congress.

The Insurance Bill of Rights:

  1.  The Right to Have Your  Agent Act in Your Best Interest
  2.  The Right to Receive Customized Coverage Appropriate to Your Needs
  3.  The Right To Free Choice
  4.  The Right to Receive an Answer to Any Question
  5.  The Right to Pay a Fair Premium
  6.  The Right to Be Informed
  7.  The Right to be Treated Fairly and Respectfully
  8.  The Right to Full Disclosure and Updates
  9.  The Right to Quality Service and Fair Handling of Claims
  10.  The Right to Change or Cancel Your Coverage and Be Notified of Any Change

Learn more about the Insurance Bill of Rights.

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