Porch Pirates:

Over 26 million Americans (8%) have had a holiday package stolen from a front porch or doorstep. And this number is rising each year according to new research from insurancequotes.com. This has happened to us and it is incredibly frustrating.  Unfortunately, it is oftentimes due to the laziness of delivery services who don’t ring the doorbell or knock and leave packages in plain view and this is from all services including UPS, FedEx and USPS.  This is coupled by the fact that online vendors don’t seem to care all that much as they will oftentimes not even allow the option for customers to have their packages re-routed to a pick-up location (looking at you Apple). And these thefts are usually below the threshold of homeowner’s insurance policy deductibles.  There are few high-tech solutions that have started to emerge including the following services: Boxlock, Landport and Amazon Key.  I’ve been considering trying either Boxlock or Landport. If you’ve tried either one, please email me with your observations and I’ll do an update. 

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