Insurance Annual Review Guides

Monitoring a life insurance policy can be a complex task. The following annual review guides are designed to assist you by providing you the basic tools to monitor your policies. If you haven’t looked at your life insurance policies since you’ve bought them or just glance at your annual statements – your life insurance policy may no longer match your needs or may not be performing as expected. The review guides will assist you in the basic steps to make sure that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises.

The Life Insurance Annual Review Guides currently available can be downloaded as PDF files by clicking on the name:

Annual Review Packet – Term Life Insurance by Tony Steuer Rev 12-2015

Annual Review Packet – Whole Life Insurance by Tony Steuer Rev 12-2015

Annual Review Packet – Universal Life Insurance by Tony Steuer Rev. 12-12-15

These guides are derived from “The Questions and Answers on Life Insurance Workbook” and “Questions and Answers on Life Insurance” and these books can help you learn more about your life insurance policies. Please visit the books page to learn more by clicking here or on one of the book names. And if you like the Guides – please let me know.

Please note that these guides are general and do not constitute legal or formal advice.









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