Whole Life Rebellion

The Whole Life Rebellion is Here! Are You Ready To Break Out of The Crowd?

Whole Life Rebellion


Welcome to one of  The Whole Life Rebellion Rebel Leader Bases. The Whole Life Rebellion is about educating consumers as to the value of Whole Life and whether it makes sense as part of a sound overall financial plan.  Whole Life Insurance can be a valuable life insurance policy. However, it is not for everyone.  Your goals and overall financial strategy should dictate what type of insurance you have.

Chris Huntley, founder of Huntley Wealth & Insurance Services, is the organizer of The Whole Life Insurance Rebellion which is a life insurance movement to promote awareness of term life insurance and some of the downfalls of investing in whole life insurance.   The Insurance Literacy Institute is proud to be a sponsor and a Rebel Leader Base for the Whole Life Insurance Rebellion (headquarters on Chris’s site).  The Whole Life Rebellion fits into The Insurance Bill of Rights which provides that consumers should purchase policies that match their needs.

The Insurance Bill of Rights dictates that any insurance coverage should fit the need and that you should minimize premiums where possible.  And to minimize premiums, you need to choose policies with the lowest expenses just like when you choose a mutual fund, if two funds are essentially equal, you go with the one that has the lowest expense charge.  Saving 1% a year on expenses means that you will have a 1% per year extra return.

Whole Life Insurance is a polarizing topic with a lot of financial planners, journalists and bloggers that don’t like it and those within the insurance industry and some consumers who love it.  Whole Life Insurance is not the right fit for most people as you can about in the following articles and blog posts.  You can make your own judgment, and you can read my own take on it by clicking on my post.  The bottom line is that insurance should be about insurance and not investing.  Life Insurance is the only type of insurance where people expect a return of the premiums paid.  When you are accident-free for a year, do you go back to your auto insurance company and ask for a refund?


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UPDATE: Simplyinsurance.co  published: Term Life Vs Whole Life: Advice From 41 Personal Finance Experts That Will Blow Your Mind (Spring 2017).  Simplyinsurance.com asked over 100 personal financial experts and blogger the question:  “Term life vs Whole life, which would you choose and why?”  The results were: Term (34), Whole Life (2) and Neutral (4).  Read the article and see for yourself.


Get Informed – The Case Against Whole Life

Whole life insurance can be risky as an investment, offers a low return, and demands forced “contributions.”  In any other investment, if you stop “contributing,” you’re not at risk to lose your initial investment, but that is the case with whole life.  See more…

Join the Rebellion!  Sign the Insurance Consumer Bill of Rights

You’ve probably heard of the Hippocratic Oath, an oath all physicians must swear to live by, or the Fiduciary Oath, a code of ethics financial advisors must swear to.

The life insurance industry has no such code.

The Insurance Literacy Institute has submitted the Insurance Bill of Rights petition to Change.org, which among other things, says that agents should only act in consumers’ best interest and provide coverage that is both affordable and appropriate for consumers’ needs.

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If you agree with thousands of insurance and financial advisers who say you shouldn’t be investing in whole life, join the rebellion!

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The Whole Life Rebellion led by Chris Huntley has the support of sites/organizations like my site: InsuranceLiteracy.org and the Huffington Post, Nerd Wallet, Forbes, Ogletree Financial, PlantingMoneySeeds.comClubThrifty.com, Financial Mentor, Jeff Rose at Good Financial Cents, and Ryan Hanley at Agency Nation.

Chris Huntley has also organized dozens of insurance & personal finance bloggers to write about the Rebellion to kick it off.  Following are links to all of the articles and blog posts.  Please keep in mind that these are the opinions of the authors and are not the opinions of The Insurance Literacy Institute.  They are presented here in a central location for your review and consideration:

Whole Life Rebellion – Rebel Leaders:

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Whole Life Rebellion Supporters:


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