FemFounder Author Interview

Kristin Marquet, of Femfounder recently interviewed me for their author interview series. If you’d like to learn more about my story and philosophy, please read on:  “People are interested in products and services when they feel a positive attitude,” with Tony Steuer Tony’s books, including GET READY!, Insurance Made Easy and Questions and Answers on Life Insurance … Read more

Does Your Insurance Match Your Risks?

Compare your insurance coverage to your potential risks is the next step in reviewing your insurance policies. The goal is to determine if your insurance coverage still fits your needs. You may find that you have insurance coverage that is no longer needed or can be reduced. You’ll also be able to see if there … Read more

Get Ready with Peter Kwadwo Asare Nyarko: Global Financial Literacy for Children

“You have to decide to make a conscious and intentional effort to obtain financial independence and once you do that, get all the resources that you can and you will be ready for any financial crisis.” – Peter Kwadwo Asare Nyarko.  In this episode of GET READY!, I spoke with Peter Kwadwo Asare Nyarko, the … Read more

Sammy’s Money Memories: Insights on kids, money, and financial literacy education

Teaching kids about money is a critical life skill. I’m proud to be a sponsor of Sammy Rabbit’s 1st National Dream Big Read Financial Education Initiative  to provide financial literacy resources to children. Here’s my interview with Sam X. Renick, co-creator of Sammy Rabbit. This was originally published by Team Sammy Rabbit on September 9, 2019. Learn more … Read more

Covid-19: Understanding Your Financial Resources and Options 

Over the last month, our lives have been partially or completely disrupted. My city has been under a shelter-in-place order like so many other people for what seems like months. Covid-19 and Coronavirus is taking a toll on all of us physically and financially. We must work with the circumstances that we are given and … Read more

Get Ready! Give-away

Pleased to host a Goodreads give-away for Get Ready: A Step-by-step planner for maintaining your financial first aid kit. Get Ready is all about helping you organize your financial life so that you can be prepared for any financial emergency including any brought on by Covid-19 (coronavirus). (click here to enter the giveaway) Stay well, Tony … Read more

Get Ready with Sam Renick: It’s Never Too Early for Financial Education

“The most important thought, is the idea of paying yourself first or spending less than you earn, however you like to look at it.  It’s an important idea that anyone can take action on.” – Sam Renick In this episode, I spoke with Sam X Renick, founder of the “It’s a Habit!” Company and co-creator … Read more

Insightful Insurance Observations Spring 2020

Last week, I was invited to be a guest lecturer on insurance for a U.C. Berkeley personal finance course. It was a great experience with insightful questions from the students.  Here are some of the issues that we discussed: What are insurance company financial strength ratings? The financial strength of an insurance company is highly … Read more