A Focus on Sales Practices from the SEC

In a positive sign, the SEC is moving forward with consideration of a significant rule-making package that would support members of the financial services industry to act more directly in consumers best interests and to provide clear and complete communication. In a recent public statement, Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton said that: Retail … Read more

Podcast Guest: Profiles in Risk – E51: The Insurance Bill of Rights

Thanks to Nick Lamparelli & Tony Canas of Insnerds.com for the opportunity to be a guest on their Podcast “Profiles in Risk” to discuss the Insurance Bill of Rights. It was a great opportunity to discuss the overall opportunity for the insurance industry to adopt a policy owner first approach. You can listen to the podcast here. … Read more

Impact of the Tax Bill: ACA Individual Mandate and Insurance Overall

Should An Insurance Company Be Required to Tell You If You’re Underinsured? Well, this is a challenging one. Many homeowner’s have found out that they were not covered for damage from floods under their traditional homeowner’s insurance policy and would only be covered if they had a flood policy. For those homeowner’s who live in … Read more

Who’s Best Interest?

Over the last few year’s there has been much discussion about how insurance agents and (other member’s of the financial services industry) should align with those of consumers. Under a commission based compensation system, there is always a financial incentive for an insurance policy (or investment) to be recommended that will result in higher compensation … Read more

Insurance, interrupted…..

With a new year, comes speculation if this will finally be the year that the insurance industry will be disrupted. The reality is that it will be more of an evolution rather than a complete shake-up due many factors including the complex insurance regulatory environment, significant capital requirements among there factors. It appears that the … Read more

Insurance Made Easy Thunderclap

Thank you to all the support for my new book “Insurance Made Easy” which is an Amazon #1 Bestseller in multiple categories (click here to view on Amazon). I was hoping you might do me a favor and help me spread the word about the launch of Insurance Made Easy: A Comprehensive Roadmap to the … Read more

Health Insurance Update:  Another one bites the dust

  With one of the most memorable thumbs-down in recent Senate History, Senator John McCain sent the GOP’s most recent attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act to the place where it belonged.  And while McCain was the one who put an end to this latest round of Senate Health Care drama, it was really … Read more