Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame 2018

Insurance scams are an $80 billion a year crime which indirectly raises all Americans premiums on every type of insurance.  Insurance companies to remain profitable, must take in more money than they pay out whether it’s through premiums or investments. And, we want profitable insurance companies so that they can pay our claims.  The Coalition … Read more

What to share after an auto accident:

When you are in an accident, whether it’s a fender bender or something more serious, your primary concern is that everyone involved is safe. Your thoughts will then usually go to quickly revisiting what happened and the damage to your car and any other involved car or property.  Usually, identity theft is not at the … Read more

Who’s looking out for you and your family?

While there have been quite a few attempts recently to remove some consumer protections such as delaying the implementation of the final phase of the DOL Fiduciary Rule while Trump consumer protection chief requests $0 in funding for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2018 (last year, $217.1 million was requested). The CFPB doesn’t currently … Read more