Get Ready Podcast: How Millennials and Technology Are Changing The Insurance Industry

“Social duty is part of shareholder value. Maximizing shareholder value is empty, yes, you have a responsibility to do that, however there’s lots of different ways to do that , you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other, you can create a ton of value by implementing loss control in other things into your … Read more

Blockchain and Parametric Insurance:

Blockchain is a technology that could transform security in financial services and could potentially reshape how complex transactions are dealt with. Blockchain is being used currently with numerous applications in insurance, medical data handling, document verification, increasing privacy & security, powering token economies and cross-border processing.  Will Blockchain End Up Like 3DTV? is a good … Read more

Making Lemonade from Insurance:

While insurance companies are not the most beloved, they for the most part, meet their obligations by paying claims, as promised.  We’ve all heard the stories of insurance companies unfairly and unreasonably denying claims or giving claimants the run-around. And most likely have experienced this ourselves. I’ve definitely experienced this.  What most people don’t talk … Read more

Amazon, the destroyer of industries is coming for financial services:

As with many other industries, there has been concern in the insurance and financial services industry, that Amazon is coming.  When Amazon has recently entered other industries, stock prices of existing companies have fallen dramatically.  The question remains about how much Amazon along with other Insure-Techs can really disrupt insurance.  And the answer remains that … Read more

Blockchain in action:

While there has been much talk of the potential for blockchain technology in the insurance space, there have been minimal implementations.  The Institute’s RiskBlock alliance and LIMRA have announced a promising use case in the life insurance and annuity sector.   This use case addresses the issue that many life insurance companies were not consulting … Read more

Is InsureTech still a thing?

Technology and insurance are transitioning to their most logical form.  The future of insurance will be an evolution rather than an evolution. Technology companies are finding they can provide the most value to insurance companies by working with them.  According to a recent report “Breaking Boundaries: How InsurTech is Moving Beyond Insurance”  by Startupbootcamp”, insurers … Read more