Life Insurance Companies and Leveraged Loan Concerns:

At the heart of the 2008 U.S. financial crisis and the 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis was sub-prime loans. Leveraged loan volumes are now nearing $1.4 trillion, surpassing the $1.3 trillion high yield bond market according to Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s analytics.  Zandi writes that it’s “much too early to conclude” that the non-financial … Read more

In the news: How To Shop for Life Insurance (

Thank you to for the opportunity to be a source for their article on How to Shop for the Best Life Insurance.  This article compiles the big points on shopping for life insurance.  Here’s what I had to say: “Life insurance is advertised as a product that is needed by all, and so people … Read more

In the news: How to Pick the Right Life Insurance Plan” is now live on Investopedia:  (1/2018)

Thanks to Investopedia for publishing my article on picking the right life insurance plan.  I discuss why being an educated consumer, when choosing life insurance or other financial products is always the best starting point.  The article also details why you should consider your own needs before looking at life insurance options; what type of risks … Read more

In the news: Juvenile Life Insurance: Should It Even Exist?  ( 

In the news: Juvenile Life Insurance: Should It Even Exist?  (  Thanks to Daniel Caughill of for the opportunity to be a source for his article on Juvenile Life Insurance.  The article details whether this product is worthwhile along with new restrictions on these policies due to high-profile deaths. The bottom line is that life insurance … Read more

Questions & Answers on Life Insurance (giveaway & special $0.99 sale)

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and to help spread Awareness on Life Insurance and improve Financial Literacy, Questions and Answers on Life Insurance and The Questions Answers on Life Insurance Workbookwill be available through the end of September for $0.99 on Amazon Kindle format. And, I’m giving away 100 copies of Questions and Answers … Read more

9 Insurance Questions for 2018

Change is coming slowly to the insurance industry and while 2017 showed much movement, 2018 will be the year that brings the next step in evolution for the insurance industry. In this post, I pose some of the questions and possible answers for the insurance industry this year. 1) Will this be the year that … Read more

Who’s Best Interest?

Over the last few year’s there has been much discussion about how insurance agents and (other member’s of the financial services industry) should align with those of consumers. Under a commission based compensation system, there is always a financial incentive for an insurance policy (or investment) to be recommended that will result in higher compensation … Read more

Learn more about term life insurance and guaranteed universal life insurance:

Term life insurance is a simple concept and is the only type of life insurance that functions as all other types of insurance by simply providing coverage for a risk at a certain premium. Guaranteed Universal life is the exception as it essentially functions as a term life insurance policy up age 120. Term life … Read more