Everything You Need To Know About Paramed Insurance Exams

Life Insurance premiums are based on many components and the premium you end up paying can vary significantly in your approach to reviewing your life insurance needs.  It’s always good to review your health history with multiple insurance companies as each company has it’s own underwriting criteria. It’s alway important to review your options and … Read more

Should I consider Hybrid/Combination Long Term Care Insurance Policies?

The need for long term care insurance is not going away. It is estimated that more than half of today’s 65 year olds will require long-term care at some point, at an average annual cost of $183,000. Most people will only need care for less than two years, however one in seven will face more … Read more

Insurance Made Easy Thunderclap

Thank you to all the support for my new book “Insurance Made Easy” which is an Amazon #1 Bestseller in multiple categories (click here to view on Amazon). I was hoping you might do me a favor and help me spread the word about the launch of Insurance Made Easy: A Comprehensive Roadmap to the … Read more

What’s next for the Long Term Care Insurance Marketplace:

The long term care insurance marketplace continues to face pressure including continued premium increases on older insurance policies. Read my take at: The latest on long term care insurance. Almost all rate increases are on long term care insurance policies that were issued before the NAIC issued their LTC Model Rate Stabilization Act. Policies issued … Read more

Fact or Fiction: Are These 6 Long Term Care Concepts True?

Long term care insurance is an important part of financial planning especially as you near retirement.  Below is an article from Samantha Stein of ALTCP.org regarding whether some long care concepts are fact or fiction.  A big thank you to Samantha for this informative article. Long term care is a vast topic to explore. Often, people … Read more

The latest on long term care insurance:

There are very few insurance companies selling individual long term care insurance policies currently. This is a result of a range of factors including initial underpricing/faulty assumptions and the prolonged low interest rate environment. While it can be argued that the faulty assumptions could have been easily avoided such as how you can you provide … Read more

Interview with Magnifymoney.com: 3 Things to Know About Long-Term Care Insurance

Thanks to Lisa Fu for the opportunity to be a resource for her article “3 Things to Know About Long Term Care Insurance” on Magnifymoney.com. Lisa takes a look at the basics of long term care insurance and the age at which a person should consider purchasing a long term care insurance policy.  Long Term Care insurance is … Read more

Long Term Care insurance premium increase balancing act

Rate increase on older LTC policies continue to be a matter of concern. Insurance regulators through The National Association of Insurance Commissioners are working on solutions to guide state insurance regulators on the rate approval process. The key is to balance out premium increases for consumers and to ensure that insurance companies maintain some profitability. … Read more