In the news: Juvenile Life Insurance: Should It Even Exist?  ( 

In the news: Juvenile Life Insurance: Should It Even Exist?  (  Thanks to Daniel Caughill of for the opportunity to be a source for his article on Juvenile Life Insurance.  The article details whether this product is worthwhile along with new restrictions on these policies due to high-profile deaths. The bottom line is that life insurance … Read more

Questions & Answers on Life Insurance (giveaway & special $0.99 sale)

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and to help spread Awareness on Life Insurance and improve Financial Literacy, Questions and Answers on Life Insurance and The Questions Answers on Life Insurance Workbookwill be available through the end of September for $0.99 on Amazon Kindle format. And, I’m giving away 100 copies of Questions and Answers … Read more

Questions to Ask When Buying Life Insurance

This article was originally published on Bottom in June, 2017. Life insurance can be a powerful tool for protecting your family’s financial future, but it’s crucial to understand the details of your policy, and how it works for you, before you sign off on a purchase. Whether you’re buying life insurance through a broker … Read more

How to Invest Life Insurance Proceeds

There are many articles about how much life insurance to buy or what type of life insurance to buy, however, there are so many other issues to consider with life insurance.  An important issue to consider is what a beneficiary should do with the proceeds from a life insurance policy?  For many of us, this … Read more

Insurance Company Yield on Investments:

Insurance companies have for years now been impacted by low rates of return on their own investments. When insurance companies have less investment income, that is passed on to policy owners. Simple math and economics. Insurance companies need to be profitable in order to stay in business to pay claims. Of course, this does not … Read more

Term Life Insurance vs. Whole Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance vs. Whole Life Insurance continues as one of the longest running debates in the financial planning and insurance worlds. and J.C. Matthews recently published: Term Life Vs Whole Life: Advice From 40 Personal Finance Experts That Will Blow Your Mind (Spring 2017). asked over 100 personal financial experts and blogger the question: … Read more

Life insurance premiums expected to decrease in the next few years:

  Term life insurance especially, and all other life insurance products could see lower premiums due to a change in the way life insurance companies calculate how much money they need to keep in reserve to pay out claims. This change is known as a move to “principle-based reserving” which allows companies more flexibility more … Read more

10 Insurance Questions for 2017

Love it or hate it, 2016 was a year that brought many surprises. And 2017 is looking like another year of unexpected outcomes. As the saying goes “May you live in interesting times.” And we are living in interesting times. While this applies to the U.S.A. and the world in general, this also applies to … Read more