9 Insurance Questions for 2018

Change is coming slowly to the insurance industry and while 2017 showed much movement, 2018 will be the year that brings the next step in evolution for the insurance industry. In this post, I pose some of the questions and possible answers for the insurance industry this year. 1) Will this be the year that … Read more

What’s next for the Long Term Care Insurance Marketplace:

The long term care insurance marketplace continues to face pressure including continued premium increases on older insurance policies. Read my take at: The latest on long term care insurance. Almost all rate increases are on long term care insurance policies that were issued before the NAIC issued their LTC Model Rate Stabilization Act. Policies issued … Read more

Health Insurance Update:  Another one bites the dust

  With one of the most memorable thumbs-down in recent Senate History, Senator John McCain sent the GOP’s most recent attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act to the place where it belonged.  And while McCain was the one who put an end to this latest round of Senate Health Care drama, it was really … Read more

What’s Ethics got to do with it?

If the insurance industry really wants to be a part of the future, they will need to improve the public perception of the industry by staying in line with The Insurance Bill of Rights as the best practices standard. There are no shortage of polls and studies showing the low rank of the insurance industry … Read more

What’s next for health insurance:

Isn’t it time to move on? Just like the last guest at a party who overstays their welcome, it seems like Trump and the GOP just cannot let the Affordable Care Act stay in place and move on to other important issues like the budget, infrastructure and taxes along with stabilizing the current health care … Read more

Why Annuities Need To Change:

Annuities are insurance against outliving your money or in other words insuring against longevity risk. Annuities are defined in one of the following ways: 1) a fixed sum of money paid to someone each year, typically for the rest of their life or 2) a form of insurance or investment entitling the investor to a … Read more

Now you see it, now you don’t:

The DOL’s long anticipated and much debated Fiduciary Rule is now in effect (as of 6/9/2017). There is no arguing with the intent of the rule that advisors (including insurance agents) who offer advice on retirement plans act in their customer’s best interests. Who knew you’d even need a rule for that? Cue the sarcasm… … Read more

The latest on long term care insurance:

There are very few insurance companies selling individual long term care insurance policies currently. This is a result of a range of factors including initial underpricing/faulty assumptions and the prolonged low interest rate environment. While it can be argued that the faulty assumptions could have been easily avoided such as how you can you provide … Read more