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9 Insurance Questions for 2018

Change is coming slowly to the insurance industry and while 2017 showed much movement, 2018 will be the year that brings the next step in evolution for the insurance industry. In this post, I pose some of the questions and possible answers for the insurance industry this year. 1) Will this be the year that … Read more

What’s Your Pre-Existing Condition?

  Is health insurance a right or a privilege? Is it something that everyone should be able to obtain on a level playing field or should it be a reward for those who are lucky enough to not have a health issue. This is a much debated issue and almost every other “first world country” … Read more

The Long and Winding Health Insurance Road: Don’t Panic

Take a deep breath and follow the advice of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “Don’t Panic”. The Affordable Care Act remains the law of the land. While the Republicans passed an irresponsible mess of a bill “The American Health Care Act” (217-213) that some did not bother to read without any information from the … Read more

Interview for Time.com: 3 Tips for Senior Looking to Make Extra Income

Thanks to Ingrid Case for the opportunity to be a resource for her article on Time.com on “3 Tips for Seniors Looking to Make Extra Income”. Ingrid takes a look at how Seniors can earn money in retirement through the sharing economy (think: driving for Uber or Lyft, hosting guests through Airbnb or offering services through TaskRabbit”.  As … Read more

A Health Insurance Roadmap

Welcome to this special edition that looks at some simple solutions to the myriad of issues facing health insurance, medicare, medicaid, long term care insurance, and the high cost of health expenses in retirement. Please note that the concepts that follow do simplify very detailed areas and as such are not complete solutions, rather this … Read more

Mr. Toad’s Wild Health Insurance Ride

Health Insurance continues to be a top topic in the insurance world. The picture though remains as clear as mud. This uncertainty is causing anxiety for insurance companies and is causing them to consider whether they should wait it out it in limbo or leave the marketplaces entirely. Aetna’s CEO, Mark Bertolini has stated “We … Read more