The ACA keeps rolling:

Despite the turbulent waters, the ACA continues to show resiliency and positive momentum. Per the Mid-Year 2018 Health Insurance Segment Profitability Insights by Mark Farrah Associates: In an era when healthcare is at the forefront of legislative debate and the only consistent aspect of the system is that there isn’t any consistency at all, health insurers continue to wade through the perpetual political turmoil as they strive to remain competitive and profitable.  While healthcare reform has caused increased pressure and challenges for carriers, health companies continue to adapt.  Change has also created opportunity where many companies have increased a geographic footprint, added new business and acquired other companies through mergers and acquisitions. Many leading insurers reported experiencing more favorable financial results for their exchange business in 2018 and some are considering expansion plans for 2019.  Furthermore, there have been no mentions of exits thus far, and a projected 13 states could potentially see expansion for next year.  2017 marked a turn towards profitability with 50% of plans reporting a net underwriting gain leading to overall profitability for the segment.  MFA’s assessment of mid-year 2018 profitability for the Individual market indicates continued improvement.

This is borne out by a study from The Associated Press and the consulting firm Avalere Health which crunched available state data and found that “Obamacare’s” health insurance marketplaces seem to be stabilizing after two years of sharp premium hikes. And the exodus of insurers from the program has halted, even reversed somewhat, with more consumer choices for 2019. Millions of people covered under the Affordable Care Act will see only modest premium increases next year, and some will get price cuts. That’s the conclusion from an exclusive analysis of the besieged but resilient program, which still sparks deep divisions heading into this year’s midterm elections. For more: AP Exclusive: Modest premium hikes as ‘Obamacare’ stabilizes. 

Besides, In Trump’s First Year, Nation’s Uninsured Rate Unchanged. The percentage of Americans without health insurance in 2017 remained the same as during the last year of the Obama administration, according to a closely watched report from the Census Bureau released Wednesday.

Breaking: Republicans lack votes — and appetite — to end ‘Obamacare’. It looks like no changes are in store until the new Congress is seated in 2019.  If Democrats take the House and/or Senate, there will not be any repeal. If Republicans maintain control of the House and Senate, then full repeal or other major modifications are in store for the ACA and based upon The New Republican Senator’s Health Care Hoax, it is highly likely that those who have pre-existing conditions may no longer have coverage (depending on their State of residence).  

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