The Best Whole Life Insurance Companies 2021

In my latest article for Forbes Advisor, I take a look at the best whole life insurance companies for 2021. Whole life insurance is a financial flashpoint. Almost everyone in the personal finance world has an opinion about it. There’s regular heated debate about whether you should purchase a whole life insurance policy or buy term life insurance and invest the difference.

If you like guarantees within life insurance, whole life insurance has probably risen to the top of your list. It guarantees the amounts for premiums, cash value and death benefit.

To help you find the best whole life insurance companies, we’ve evaluated insurers using data provided by Veralytic, a leading publisher of pricing and performance research and competitiveness ratings for cash value life insurance products.

In this article, I also cover how whole life insurance works, is whole life insurance right for you, tips for whole life insurance buyers and the gotchas of whole life insurance. If you are considering purchasing a whole insurance policy, this article will help you determine whether you should proceed with getting a whole life insurance and choosing the right whole life insurance policy for you. 

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