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How do I create a financial calendar?

The Get Ready Financial Calendar provides a monthly guide to help you be financially prepared. The Get Ready Financial Calendar is your foundation for creating a financial calendar. Click on the monthly topic to learn more and to find related resources.

Access the Get Ready Toolkit to receive instant access to this free library of 100+ worksheets, other resources and bi-weekly updates on how to be prepared for any financial emergency (here).

Organize Your Financial Documents

Organize your financial documents from prior year to prep for taxes. It’s like spring cleaning for your finances. This includes organize tax documents and receipts so you’re prepared for filing taxes. 



Monitor Your Financial Dashboard

Monitoring your financial dashboard (cash flow and net worth statement). This lets you see how you did last year and if you want to make any changes for the new year.


Review your loans and expenses 

Determine whether you can reduce your payments and expenses.


Review Your Tax Planning

File federal and state income tax returns. Check your income tax withholding. 

Review Your Financial Emergency Plan

Set up your financial emergency plan by creating a critical emergency action list and a financial first aid kit.


Family Financial Meetings

Hold a family financial meeting. Review and communicate financial goals and priorities. This includes with all members of your family including children and parents. 


Review Beneficiaries and Estate Plan

Review beneficiaries, estate plan and estate planning documents to make sure they are current. This includes wills, trusts, and advance directives. 

Review Your Investment Policy Statement

Review your personal investment policy statement (investments and allocations), retirement tracker & college contributions).

Review Insurance Policies

Review insurance policies. Determine if coverage still meets your needs. 

Open Enrollment For Employee Benefits, Health Insurance and Medicare

Open enrollment for group employee benefits and Individual Health Insurance and Medicare begins.

Identity Monitoring

Identity Monitoring. Order credit reports and consumer reports.

Wrap Up Loose Ends

Wrap up loose ends. Look for unclaimed property.