Financial Literacy for Kids

When should I teach my child about money?

It’s important to teach kids about money at early ages. You can use stories and pictures to help them understand simple concepts like saving money. Children can be encouraged to save money for small goals. It’s common for kids to play at having a store with a toy cash register. Also, a game like Monopoly uses money. These are teachable moments when you can share with them how earning rent in monopoly is the same as earning interest. 

I’m excited to partner with Sammy Rabbit and to provide kids, families, schools, and community enterprises free access to the valuable financial literacy resources to help them get on the road and be better prepared and positioned to achieve financial freedom and security. I’m also a proud sponsor the Dream Big National Financial Literacy Program.

How do you teach kids about money?

Sammy Rabbit makes it easy to teach kids great money habits with Sammy songs, stories, and activities. They stick in kids heads and hearts! Sammy’s vision and objective are to develop generations of children who possess and practice great habits, who become self sufficient, and capable of making their big dreams come true! Check out Sammy’s vision and track record.

Sammy’s Dream Big Financial Literacy curriculum is a suite of resources for kids 7+ that teaches them to build great money habits and life skills so they are better prepared and able to make their big dreams come true! Sammy is determined to make a big dream come true. He wants to ride the world’s first outer space rollercoaster. Can he earn and save enough money to do it?

The story “Sammy’s Big Dream!” is a catalyst for conversation and learning. It ignites kids’ imaginations, inspires them to dream big, and makes it easy to talk to and teach them about the great money habits and life skills that will position them for lifelong success.

Resources to help teach your kids about money (Access with the Get Ready Toolkit):


Sammy's Big Dream Deluxe Story Set:

A great way to introduce financial literacy to kids (ages 7+). The book includes Sammy’s Big Dream and how he works, earns, saves and gives to make the dream come true. Included are over 100 activities including story quiz, coloring, writing, illustrating and listening. Access the Get Ready Toolkit to download your copy.



Sammy’s Dream Big Storybook program:

The Introductory Program consists of 9 modules based on the book Sammy’s Big Dream! Each module focuses on one money habit, basic personal finance concept or life skill mentioned or inferred in the story. The money habits, personal finance concepts and life skills learned will help kids build a strong foundation to achieve economic freedom and financial security. The knowledge acquired will better prepare children to lead purpose-filled, rich lives and make their big dreams come true! 


Access the Get Ready Toolkit to download Sammy's Big Dream Story Set and Program


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