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Podcast Guest: Profiles in Risk – E51: The Insurance Bill of Rights

Thanks to Nick Lamparelli & Tony Canas of for the opportunity to be a guest on their Podcast “Profiles in Risk” to discuss the Insurance Bill of Rights. It was a great opportunity to discuss the overall opportunity for the insurance industry to adopt a policy owner first approach. You can listen to the podcast here. … Read more

Catching up

Hope you are doing well. Thank you for reading my blog. It’s been awhile since the last post and it will probably be another month before posts start being published regularly. Over the last few years, I’ve shared what’s been going on in the insurance industry along with observations. The last year was centered around … Read more

Who’s looking out for you and your family?

While there have been quite a few attempts recently to remove some consumer protections such as delaying the implementation of the final phase of the DOL Fiduciary Rule while Trump consumer protection chief requests $0 in funding for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2018 (last year, $217.1 million was requested). The CFPB doesn’t currently … Read more

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