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Making a choice when it comes to customer service.  

Insurance companies are often criticized and rightfully so, for poor customer service and communication.  With most insurance companies, there can be long hold times or hard to find phone numbers. There is no industry standard as to whether policy owners should contact their agent or the company and oftentimes agents don’t have access to policy … Read more

Health Insurance Market Outlook for 2019:

The Department of Health and Human Services recently announced that premiums for the benchmark silver policy on the federal health insurance exchange will go down by 1.5% next year (here). This follows last year’s large premium increases, as insurance companies passed on the loss of revenue from cost-sharing subsidies cancelled by Trump.  This stabilization of … Read more

In the news: How to Pick the Right Life Insurance Plan” is now live on Investopedia:  (1/2018)

Thanks to Investopedia for publishing my article on picking the right life insurance plan.  I discuss why being an educated consumer, when choosing life insurance or other financial products is always the best starting point.  The article also details why you should consider your own needs before looking at life insurance options; what type of risks … Read more

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