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A health care breather…..

In some of the best news for health insurance and health care in a long time, the Senate GOP “Better Care Reconciliation Act” does not have sufficient votes to move to a vote.  Speaker McConnell is pulling the bill for now.  There are still reasons to stay active: 1) Speaker McConnell has suggested voting on … Read more

How to Invest Life Insurance Proceeds

There are many articles about how much life insurance to buy or what type of life insurance to buy, however, there are so many other issues to consider with life insurance.  An important issue to consider is what a beneficiary should do with the proceeds from a life insurance policy?  For many of us, this … Read more

Why the Lack of Input On New Healthcare Bill Will be Devastating for Americans:

An important part of our democracy is openness and the willing to listen to all opinions. Supposedly, the Senate is the world’s greatest deliberative body, however apparently that memo didn’t make it to the Senate GOP Leadership (looking at you Mitch McConnell).    This is yet another disturbing aspect on the Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation … Read more

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