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ACA Open Enrollment Closing Soon –

Open Enrollment for the majority of Americans who use closes on December 15, 2017. There is some question as to the effectiveness of the cut in funding by the Trump administration to promote ACA open enrollment to provide in person assistance, however a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation conducted in early November shows … Read more

Health Care and the Senate Tax Bill:

At the time of the writing of this newsletter, the Senate had not yet voted on the proposed tax bill, though it appears they have the votes and will vote shortly. Keep in mind that if the bill passes the Senate, it will need to reconciled with the bill that passed the House which has … Read more

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Auto Insurance

The logical assumption is that if you are a “good” driver, you will qualify for lower auto insurance rates. It turns out that there is also an exception to this rule if you are currently insurance by a smaller, “non-standard” insurance company and live in a lower-income community. The Consumer Federation of America reached this … Read more

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