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GET READY For Open Enrollment

Once a year, usually in late October or early November, a strange phenomenon occurs that is known as open enrollment. For most employees, open enrollment is where they can practice the fine art of pretending that if you ignore something, it will go away. However, what most employees don’t realize is that in this case, … Read more

Get Ready Episode 5 with David Paul: The Future of Insurance Company Financial Analysis

  Any analysis should be measurable and quantifiable – David Paul If you stay optimistic and you are willing to work hard and keep at it and not give up, I think it will be really hard to fail – David Paul   In this episode of GET READY!, I spoke with David Paul who … Read more

Time to review your financial first aid kit

Amazing how fast this year has gone by.  With the end of the year approaching, there are many financial items that will need addressing including open enrollment for health insurance and employee benefits, retirement contributions, reviewing your budget and end of the year charitable donations and other tax planning items.  This makes October the perfect … Read more

GET READY for open enrollment with Insurance Made Easy – .99 cent sale

Insurance Made Easy: Available for .99 cents through the end of October (Amazon Kindle version (here). Insurance Made Easy covers all types of insurance that you will need to review for your employer open enrollment. Insurance Made Easy provides definitions and breakdowns of coverage options for employer based insurance and individual insurance.

Unclaimed Property Resources

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to receive money that your weren’t expecting?  Finding an unexpected $20 in a jacket pocket is always nice, however, what if you found $1,000 or more?  It is quite possible that you may have funds available to you, that you are not aware of. States are … Read more

Get Ready E4: The Value of PR and Developing Your Brand with Sharon Bially & Emily Adams

Welcome to Episode 4 of the GET READY! With Tony Steuer podcast in partnership with Insurance Nerds. “Keep your mind open to new perspectives and possibilities to help people” – Emily Adams “For every initiative, think about how you can help others rather than what you can get out of it” – Sharon Bially In … Read more

Sammy’s Money Memories: Author and Grateful Dead Fan Champions Financial Preparedness

As part of the Sammy Rabbit 1st National Dream Big Read, I was invited to present my insights on kids, money and financial literacy education: Sammy’s Money Memories: Author and Grateful Dead Fan Champions Financial Preparedness  

September: Time To Review Your Insurance Portfolio

September is time to review your insurance portfolio, according to the GET READY! financial calendar. Download your free financial calendar (here). Reviewing your insurance policies now, will also help you be prepared for open enrollment. Doing so now, will help you make sure that your insurance coverage still meets your needs or if you will … Read more