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The Senate Plays 3 Card Monte With Our Health Care:

Make no mistake this will impact you and/or your family. This is a critical issue as health care spending is 1/6 our annual domestic spending. The Senate promised a different health insurance plan than the House’s AHCA and they delivered with the Better Care Reconciliation Act (complete discussion draft here). You can read the Senate’s … Read more

Why Annuities Need To Change:

Annuities are insurance against outliving your money or in other words insuring against longevity risk. Annuities are defined in one of the following ways: 1) a fixed sum of money paid to someone each year, typically for the rest of their life or 2) a form of insurance or investment entitling the investor to a … Read more

Fact or Fiction: Are These 6 Long Term Care Concepts True?

Long term care insurance is an important part of financial planning especially as you near retirement.  Below is an article from Samantha Stein of regarding whether some long care concepts are fact or fiction.  A big thank you to Samantha for this informative article. Long term care is a vast topic to explore. Often, people … Read more

Now you see it, now you don’t:

The DOL’s long anticipated and much debated Fiduciary Rule is now in effect (as of 6/9/2017). There is no arguing with the intent of the rule that advisors (including insurance agents) who offer advice on retirement plans act in their customer’s best interests. Who knew you’d even need a rule for that? Cue the sarcasm… … Read more

Why You Should Persist When Dealing With Insurance Companies on Claims: A True Story

The following is a true story of a mom’s persistence to work with an insurance company to pay a health insurance claim. While this mother went through a lot, the point is that if you know your facts, you can come to an agreement with an insurance company.  Hopefully, you won’t need to go through … Read more

The latest on long term care insurance:

There are very few insurance companies selling individual long term care insurance policies currently. This is a result of a range of factors including initial underpricing/faulty assumptions and the prolonged low interest rate environment. While it can be argued that the faulty assumptions could have been easily avoided such as how you can you provide … Read more

Killing me softly (with his song):

Through deeds as much as words, much effort is being put into making the “Obamacare is in a death spiral” a self-fulfilling prophecy. What’s at stake: Threatening to Withhold billions of dollars in Cost Sharing Subsidies. Currently there is a ongoing lawsuit filed by Republican House Members against Health and Human Services from 2014 challenging … Read more

Insurance Blockchain Evolution:

Some Insuretech firms are growing through partnerships with traditional insurance companies. The approach is to take a look at issues that are not addressed by current insurance products and processes. Blockchain technology has the capability to give insurance companies instant and verifiable notification of any rental or sharing transaction and change of custody. Aggregating and … Read more

In Your Best Interest….

The fiduciary rule still seems to be a major topic of discussion. Insurance companies are apparently split in whether they are going to look out for insurance consumers or if they’re not going to. For those who believe that Indexed Annuities and Variable Annuities with their high fees and complex structures are already not consumer … Read more

Out of the frying pan and into the fire…..

On Wednesday, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released the long awaited score for the revised American Health Care Act. Breaking with precedent in actually knowing what the outcome will be of something before voting for it, a majority of Republican Representatives bravely voted for a bill that would leave 14 million more people uninsured next … Read more