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  1. Dear Tony, Me and my wife got in a whole life policy with NY Life in 2011. The NY Life advisor moved to Mass mutual in the past six months and convinced us to move our NY life accounts to Mass mutual citing that it is a better move for us. He is planning to show us the attributes of the Mass mutual policies in the next few days but I do not want to blindly trust his suggestions nor do I have the know how to compare two whole life policies. Can I pay you to compare the two policies for us and recommend if moving to mass mutual from NY Life is a financially sensible move or not. If you can do this, please let me know your charges. Do you come to NYC area often?. If not, will you kindly suggest a knowledgeable professional locally. Thanks. Ashlee Pieris, Bridgewater, NJ. 201 723 9832.

  2. Could your clients benefit from a better result on their Paramed exam?

    I looked all over the internet for something my clients could use as a one-stop “tips” guide for the paramed exam.  There’s tons of disjointed info out there, stuff like “drink more water,”

    However, there’s no comprehensive guide.

    So I made one.

    You’re an expert in our industry and I’d be interested in a one-liner of your feedback.

    Any interest?  Would you like to see it?

    Love your work.  Keep it up!  Keep spreading good information!


    PS = Captcha form isn’t working correctly on the email portion of your contact page.

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