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Welcome to the GET READY! With Tony Steuer podcast in partnership with Insurance Nerds

On the GET READY! Podcast, I’ll be catching up with inspiring professionals from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to help bring you innovative strategies to organize your financial life. GET READY! With Tony Steuer will help you be informed and financially prepared today and in the future. We’ll also talk about best practices from both the consumer and industry perspectives. 

Have a question, topic or guest suggestion? 

If you a have topic or question that you’d like to have covered on the GET READY! Podcast, please use the contact form. While every question and topic may not be covered on the Podcast, I will include it in a blog post or response.

If you are interested in being a guest or have a suggestion for a guest, please drop me a line via the contact form. 

Looking for guests with experiences that have stories to share about how people can improve their financial life. Prospective guests should have a unique perspective to add about financial preparedness, financial services innovation or integrating best practices into running a business.

Click on the episode for an overview and links to listen and watch:

Episode 1: The Future of Written Content with Tanya Hall (8/19/2019)

Episode 2: The Future of Financial Services with Bob Bingham

Episode 3: The Future of Estate Planning with Chris Hall (9/11/2019)

Episode 4: The Value of PR and Developing Your Brand with Sharon Bially & Emily Adams (9/25/2019)

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About Me: I make the complex world of financial services easy to understand so that people feel empowered to take control of their financial lives. A recognized authority on financial preparedness - in case of that disaster you did not expect - I advocate for ethics, integrity and consumer protection within the financial industry. I am the author of the Questions & Answers on Insurance Series and GET READY! Along with being an advocate for financial preparedness and best practices.  

Feel free to reach out via my contact form.

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